Movie Review: Fruitvale Station By Ryan Coogler

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The movie “Fruitvale Station” by Ryan Coogler was based on a true-life story. Oscar Grant was a 22-year-old black man that had lost his job and didn’t tell his girlfriend until two weeks later. Oscar was in prison before. The day of his death he decided to change. He gave away his weed to a friend and wanted to start over, but found it challenging. He cheated on his girlfriend, but loved her because he thought of proposing to her. He really loved his daughter and wanted the best for her. His daughter also loved him a lot and always asked about him like when he was in prison and in the end of the movie. It’s a sad movie that reveals many things to the viewer that minorities face like in the case of Oscar Grant.
Officer Caruso crosses the racial
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He tries to get his job back, but cannot because his boss already hired someone else. He was in prison and got out, but hasn’t been able to progress in life. He gives away his drugs to his friend because he doesn’t want it anymore. He tells his girlfriend the truth about his job and tries to become a better son. He does all these things to become a better person, but is struggling to find a way to. Emile Durkheim theory of social constraint relates to Oscar. Oscar tries to become a better person, but is challenged every time he tries. When he tries to get his job back he is denied. Society barely gives Oscar any way out, which makes it difficult for him to succeed. He wants to be a better son for his mother and a better father for his daughter. He tries, but society keeps on holding him …show more content…
We are always told not to judge people by their looks, but we still do it and see what happened in this case. An incident man was killed just because he looked a certain way. Officers should treat minorities with respect because they too are humans who have families that love them. Just because they are a minority doesn’t mean that no one will care about them and can treated anyway. Cops shouldn’t let their ego get in the way of their job. One way of breaking this is by having them work in communities with the minorities so that they can interact with them and learn something about them. This may lower racial profiling and bring us a step closer to fair treatment for

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