Summary : ' The ' Robinson ' Essay

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Aanya Robinson

I can’t recollect the last time I ever felt wanted. Maybe it’s because when I was wanted, it was for the wrong reasons. Making that “wanted” feeling unknown to me. I could barely insinuate my thoughts on it up until the early school year of 2009. I was a sophomore at Rover High School, and I had everything I thought I wanted. The ideal job working at the Lip Gloss Bar after school. You know that little pink and red building connected to the duplex off of Saint Lafayette Dr. Right where the rain hits Gate creek and all the cars drive through to get to the center of town in the morning to work. Working with Jenny, my straitlaced, witty, college student of a boss was like working with a reality tv star. She was always giving me great advice and was determined to keep the authenticity of her shop alive. Which her rich parents passed down to her when she graduated high school. I also had my three best friends; Andy, Jackson, and Martin. It had always just been Andy and I for a while, then sixth grade happened. I can’t even remember how we added Jackson to the clique , but from the moment Andy and I saw the dork with the Elton John t-shirt, and Steve Urkle glasses. He kind of gave us a weird, yet comforting hunch in our backs. I guess that was enough reassurance for us. Same with Martin too, except he was more accepted than the three of us. He always had more friends than us. He always had a way for us to get into the coolest hangouts. And I could never…

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