To Kill A Mockingbird Human Inequality Analysis

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The problem of human inequality and the divisions within human society is a big part of the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” and it is still part of our society today. An example of this problem is the trial of Tom Robinson, Walter
Cunningham Jr. being treated differently because of who he is, and the discrimination against black people. Our society is still dealing with this situation because people are harassing other races and African-Americans are getting killed by police officers.
In the novel, the trial of Tom Robinson plays a big part in this problem of human inequality and the divisions within human society. Tom Robinson is a young African American, who is being falsely accused of raping Mayella Ewell the night of November 21. Tom story is very different from Mayella. Mayella story is very unlikely to be true because Tom is crippled from his left arm, which makes it hard to have raped and abused her because Mayella injuries show that the person who hit her it is left handed. Also, Mayella is also changing her story and showing signs that Tom
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People have thought that the human inequality has stopped. But really it hasn’t, it just been less talked about in the news and social media. I know that so many people don’t want this problem to continue in the future, but what are we doing to stop it. Every single day it getting worse and innocent people are getting killed due to this big situation. Think about the future and see what it will look like if this keeps

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