Summary : ' The Door Slammed Shut ' Essay

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The door slammed shut as John entered the cold hallway to their flat after a long day at work. It had been a dreadfully long day at the clinic filled with people who had already begun celebrating the New Year. John had absentmindedly tended to them and sent them on their way, all the while running over his to-do list in his head. He and Sherlock were throwing a New Years Eve party tonight, and he had quite a lot of things to do before hand. It was really John 's party, seeing as Sherlock would never have thrown one himself but John wasn 't going to hold that against him. He knew Sherlock didn 't really hate parties as much as he claimed, and John was determined to show him a good time tonight. John had only invited a few of their closest friends and had even decided not to invite his current girlfriend, just so that Sherlock would not feel uncomfortable of course.
John trudged up the stairs, the heavy shopping bags digging into his hand. John opened the door to the flat and was not at all surprised to find his consulting detective laying on the couch with the room a state of disarray around him. To an untrained eye it would appear that a filing cabinet had exploded but John was able to see that Sherlock had been sorting his sheet music.
"I 'm back. I could have used some help you know." John called over his shoulder as he went to put away the groceries. Sherlock continued laying there with his eyes closed, the papers haphazardly sitting on his chest fluttering softly with…

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