How To Write A Comparative Essay On The Great Gatsby

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Cody Lavian
Gatsby Essay
Blackstone Period 2

F. Scott Fitzgerald exemplifies his experiences during the 1920’s through the use of his novel The Great Gatsby. He describes in detail through the use of the character Nick, the many parties that took place in West Egg as well as in East Egg. The parties on each side where unlike any other, but had their own unlike qualities as well. In the novel, The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the author expresses that the party that materialized at Myrtle and Tom’s apartment compares and contrasts immensely to the first party Nick attends at Gatsby's through the use of setting and tone. The party at Myrtle and Tom’s apartment was not the typical elegant and sophisticated party that some might think the wealthy would have. This party had only few guests and contained bottles of alcohol all over the apartment. Nick had not been much of a drinker at all and this was actually his second time drinking in his entire life. He says, “I have been drunk just twice in my life, and the second time was this afternoon;” (29). The alcohol was what made him have a good time at this party, but in actuality the party was not that festive. Myrtle’s sister tells Nick how Tom and Myrtle hate their spouses and after that Nick does not have a clear recollection. This party fits perfectly for Tom because it is a party with his mistress and helps identify to Nick what
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Scott Fitzgerald expresses the characterization of Gatsby and Tom through the use of the parties that they throw because they help represent each of their personalities. Even though Gatsby is similar to Tom in wealth, he is not similar to him in character and that is evident in the way each of them entertain guests at their parties. Each of these party scenes contribute to the Fitzgerald’s purpose because he wants the reader to understand the gap between Gatsby and Tom and how even though they are both wealthy, they are two completely different

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