Summary: Police Misconductuption, Misconduct, And Misconducttion

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Register to read the introduction… The citizens are complaining about the ‘stop and frisk’ law stating that the officers are only targeting minorities in the Bronx and Harlem and that only about 12% of the people that they are doing this to actually have some connection to a crime. Citizens of these cities are protesting out against this law because they feel the NYPD is misusing it. The article from PressTV (2013) states that, “The NYPD’s supposed “crime-fighting” tactic has come under widespread criticism as highly discriminatory, singling out mostly African American and Hispanic residents of the largest US city.” Brutality does not necessarily have to do with fists or weapons but the mistreatment and discrimination against a certain race does just as much damage. The outcome of this rally is still ongoing but I hope that the citizens are successful in their act to stop the ‘stop and frisk’ brutality in their …show more content…
The statistics are appalling. From April 2009 to June 2010, 5,986 reports of misconduct have been recorded, 382 fatalities were linked to misconduct, and $347,455,000 had been spent in related settlements and judgments (Police Brutality Info, 2013). These numbers are outrageous and unacceptable. CJi Interactive (2011) states that police officers have a code of ethics that they are supposed to abide by and one that will hold them accountable for their actions. I certainly hope that that is the case and these corrupt police officers will be dealt with according to the full standards of the law.


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