Essay about Summary Of ' Why Are We Going At The Castle? '

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I ran outside the back door to go find Arthur who had no idea a wedding had been going on behind his back. I found Arthur trying to catch a firefly in between his hands, but every time he slammed his hands shut and opened them back up he was saddened to find he was no where close to catching one of the insects. Arthur ran over to me there was a smile on his face which I was sure might disappear the second I told him I had married the princess. “Father is it time to go?” “Yes, but we aren 't going back to that shack we 're going to our new home the castle.” “Why are we going to the castle?” “I just married the princess she is your new mother.” The smile on Arthur 's face didn 't vanish instead it only grew bigger he always loved to see any member of the nobility whenever he got the chance, and now he was a member of the king 's family. Arthur wouldn 't have to pretend he loved being royalty he actually would love it which made all of this horrid marriage worth while. Arthur grabbed my left hand, and we walked to the royal carriage where Anthony and Penelope were patiently waiting for us. Anthony and Arthur climbed into the carriage, but before Penelope and I could do the same the king slammed the door in our faces. “If you two wouldn 't mind I would like to get to know my grandson, and I 'm sure the newlyweds would like to spend some time together alone.” Another carriage stopped inches away from us and nearly ran over my left foot. The coachman jumped to the ground and…

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