Summary Of White Doves At Morning

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White Doves at Morning Book Review
The Novel “White Doves at Morning” by James Lee Burke is based on a man named Willie Burke who lived in Rural Louisiana during the Civil War. Despite Willie’s opinion and beliefs, he joined the Confederate Army. During his journey, he met a woman that he grew very fond of, Abigail Downing. Abigail had been living in Louisiana for several years healing from the Yellow Fever. Abigail learned that Willie had the same views on slavery so she decided to introduce Willie to her friend, Flower Jamison. Flower Jamison became an important person in Willie’s life. Flower was a slave owned by Ira Jamison; who owned the Angola Plantation and was also Flower’s father, although he wouldn’t admit it. Being apart of the
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Willie and the other characters lived in Louisiana. This state was a part of the confederate states. During that time the South was trying to make themselves their own country and separate from the United States. Southern people wanted to continue to have slave labor. Although not everyone could afford to have slaves, many people fought hoping one day they’d be able too. The Civil War started in 1861 and ended in 1865. The historical battles of this time were Bull Run, Antietam, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg and Vicksburg. 620,000 out of 2.4 million were killed during this …show more content…
The treatment of slaves and what happened during the war far worse than I thought it was. It was vulgar and disturbing to know how lives were just thrown around like no big deal. “Sarie killed Jackson, Clay. That’s the story you take to the grave… Nigger who kills a white man buys the scaffold. That’s Lou’sana law,”- Rufus Atkins (Chp.1 Pg.9) This book helped me understand that helping others and always doing the right thing is always the better thing to do in life. Doing things only for your benefit or enjoyment is not always okay.
This Book Teaches the values of always doing what you believe in no matter what happens and it also teaches what the lives of slaves and soldiers were really like; it provided such great information about the Civil War time. White Doves at Morning should be a required book to read for school because it gives a raw reality on how the civil war really was. The Novel allows readers to connect to the characters on a personal level and therefore has a better understanding on what really happened to these people during that time

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