Essay on Summary Of ' The Night '

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For Jeremiah prom is only four weeks away but he has not yet been able to decide on what he is going to wear for that glamorous night. His date for the night, which is also his girlfriend (Grace), has already decided what type of dress she will wear. The problem Jeremiah is having is that it is very difficult to find a suit that matches Grace’s dress. Therefore, he has to improvise on what he is going to wear the night of prom all the while having some sort of similar scheme as Grace. Jeremiah and his older brother David who has already graduated from high school travels all about looking in different men’s warehouses trying to find something that will look good and similarly match Grace’s outfit. It does not help that Jeremiah is shopping for his suit at the last minute when thousands of other teenagers have already bought out all these stores because prom is essentially around the same time for everyone in America. A couple weeks passes by and Jeremiah with the assistance of his older brother David has finally found the right suit for him in conjunction with one that matches Grace’s dress. The suit is tailor made which costs a lot more but looks much better, the tie is regular not slim, there is a mini gold jacket underneath the white jacket, and the pants does not go all the way down to his shoes leaving his ankles showing (which is actually a style in this day and age), and of course the fancy white leather oxford type dress shoe. Jeremiah has not told Grace that he has…

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