Initial Impression Of A Short Story

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1. What is your initial impression of this work?
My initial impression was that this was a good short story, that captured the range of emotions within a newly widowed woman.
2. What is the genre of this selection?
The genre is a short story.
3. What is the exposition of the story? What is the rising action or actions in this story? What is the climax of this selection? What is the falling action in the story? What is the denouement in the story?
The exposition is when Louise is informed of her Husbands death, the rising action is when Louise goes into her room, alone, to reveal her sorrow, the Climax is when Louise has accepted her new life as a single woman without a husband. The falling action is when her Sister is begging her to come out,
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What are the most important traits of the main character? Your response must be at least 3-5 sentences in length.
I would say the most important traits of the main character is her ability to accepted and move on with the way life goes. Her husband died, she was sad, but realized she has a new life, and can do certain things without restriction because she no longer has a husband. She was excited to live her new life, but it was a tragic death of shock, when she saw her husband was not actually dead.
6. What is the setting of the work? Is there more than one? Describe the setting in detail. Your response should be a minimum of 5-7 sentences.
There is one setting in this story, and it is in Their family's house. Louise receives the news that her husband died, and goes up stairs to grief. There could also be a second setting with the train track in which Louise's husband died. i wouldn't really count it though, as it is really irrelevant. The house seems to be a spacious two story home, with windows in each room. Louise stares out the window in her room, then her sister starts pounding on the door, so the widow in straight ahead when you walk into the room.
7. Referring to #6, how does the author's use of details affect the setting? You must have a minimum of 5-7 sentences to receive full
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Mallard was afflicted with a heart trouble" I chose this phrase because it foreshadows the death of Mrs.Mallard would face because of Heart complications. It sets in the back of your mind that She's not 100% healthy, and that she does have some medical problems. When she died of " the joy that kills" the reader made the connection to the heart troubles previously mentioned.
"Brently Mallard's name leading the list of "killed." " i chose this phrase because it foreshadows that Mr.Mallard is not dead. The author chose to put "killed" in quotation marks meaning its not 100% true or accurate. This tells the reader that Mrs.Mallards unexpected freedom from her husband will be short lived. And surely enough it is, because he walked through the door.
"When the doctors came they said she had died of heart disease--of the joy that kills" I chose this because it shows the irony within the story. Louise was unexpectedly "free" now that her husband was killed. Everyone thought she was going to be overcome with sadness, and sorrow, but this was a good life turn for her. Until he walked through the door, and she died of shock, realizing she was not "free" and she had to live a married life

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