Story Of An Hour And Desiree's Baby Literary Analysis

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Analyze how the protagonist of the two assigned Chopin stories are similar. What are important differences between them. How do these differences affect the behavior of the protagonist.
In the stories "The Story of an Hour" and "Desiree 's Baby" the two protagonist are trapped in a world where there is inequality between men and women. During that time men had more authority than women did which is why we see this female struggles. Both protagonist were anxious and struggled for the approval of their husband. In the Story of an Hour Mrs. Mallard is happy with her husband and loves him but she desires her freedom much more. Since her heart was weak she does not die because she figures her husband is not died. (People did not understand her
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Although both connect because I believe it was written in the Victoria era, where women were gaining right & advantages. In the Story of an Hour , Mrs.Mallard tears knowing her husband is gone but moments later we see her happily. There was a moment where she opens the window and sees wonderful objects. The window in this case symbolizes her freedom. She loved her husband very dearly but she was just tired of living in a world where she did not have equal treatment. Later in the story, "her dead husband" knocks on the door confused about the news they tell him. This is where Mrs. Malllard 's heart can not take the news. In the story, it was mentioned that Mrs. Mallard died from the suprising news. Although, if one truly analyzes then we figured that she died because of the shock of knowing she would lose her independence. Mr. Mallard wants independence while Desiree wants to feel part of a family where her husband accepts her. Of course Mr. Mallard dies and Desiree just ends up walking in a unstable road just like her emotions were during that time. Also in Desiree 's Baby, Armand is viewed as a powerful male figure whom rejects his own family because they are not a certain skin color. At the beginning, Armand was loving to his wife and baby. Although towards the end, he starts to be distant and wants to them to be no where near. There was a part where Desiree

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