Desiree's Baby Literary Analysis

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Judging a book simply by its cover is misleading. A book with an attractive cover can be made up of poor substance and one with a dull cover can be built with lots of substance. In her story, Kate Chopin, illustrates a time where racism is prevalent in society. In “Desiree’s Baby”, the main character Armand falls in love with Desiree based off of her looks. When her looks become tarnished in his eyes because he believes she has black heritage, he disconnects her and his child from his life. Through her use of setting, plot, imagery, and character development, Chopin illustrates that superficial love leads to tragedy. This story’s setting takes place in a time where slavery was prominent. Those with colored skin did not have rights …show more content…
The conflict of the story is obviously that Desiree and Armand together have brought a colored child into the world. Armand completely rejects the baby and his wife because his pride is more important to him. In fact, before knowing the baby was black Armand saw his child not as something he loved but a son that could continue the family name. Armand saw his wife as nothing more than a pretty face that would give him beautiful children. Once Armand detaches him from Desiree and the baby, Desiree writes to her mother explaining what has happened and her mother asked her to come home. Armand tells Desiree to leave so she leaves with the baby. The resolution of this story ends on a sad note. Desiree had a deep love for Armand and feels as if she has let him down by having a black child. Desiree kills herself because she feels that it is her unknown origin that has caused this. Armand’s racist mentality is quite ironic since it is discovered from a letter by his mother that Armand’s mother has black heritage and therefore Armand is the reason the child was black. The imagery in this story paints Desiree to be white and pure and Armand to be dark and troubled. This foreshadows the ending of the story that Armand is the one who is black. Desiree is described as "beautiful and gentle, affectionate, and sincere", showing that she is more vibrant in the relationship. Armand house is described as “Big

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