Story Of An Hour Comparative Essay

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Comparative Essay

The Yellow Wallpaper and The Story of an Hour both focus on themes of women in marriages feeling trapped and suffocated, while showing the effects of illnesses that become more pronounced through the relations to their respective spouses. Through personal observations and narratives the two wives in both stories express similar relations to both of their husbands, which is internal toleration. “And yet she had loved him-Sometimes. Often she had not” (SH). In this state of mind Louise shows minimal feeling regarding her relationship with her husband, a mental and intimate detachment. The wife in the Yellow Wallpaper shows similar themes where she respects and trusts her husband but grows to become detached as the story
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“Effort it is,- to dress and entertain.” Louise reacts differently but overall similar in reason to the affects of her husband's ‘death’, “dull stare in her eyes”, shows her lack of meaning now that her role of wife is terminated. The two stories try to convince us that personal ambitions are shied upon over the favour of their constricting roles. Originally Louise fights feelings of happiness knowing it to be wrong and monstrous to consider, like how the wife in the Yellow Wallpaper refused to help herself in favour of satisfying her husband. “Recognize this thing- beat it back” (SH). The wife’s growing hysteria and depression in the yellow wallpaper worsens in favour of keeping a seemingly normal exterior. Rather than acknowledging the problem the characters would rather bury it under superficial remedies in order to look ‘okay’ instead of being ‘okay’. “Gaining color, appetite is better, I feel easier about you.". The irony within this statement is that on the surface and physically she is considered improving but the real problem lies internally.“It does weigh on me- not to do my duty!”.This internal suffering of Louise and the women in the yellow wallpaper is an iterative development that shows the lack of care in well being in accordance to being problematic and a burden to her …show more content…
The duration of the Yellow Wallpaper’s conclusion compared to the Story of an Hour’s is tied within its severity in which the woman Is periodically getting worse mentally while Louise envisions her future. “Beyond bitter moment- years belong to her absolutely” (SH) Her grief is shattered because what she wants, but never realizes until the death of her husband, was a life of her own. For the yellow wallpaper, the woman restricts her actions of freedom.“Less opposition and more society - but John says”. The consequence of having Louise think of herself is death, by the appearance of the oppression that follows her in the figure of her husband. The future Louise envisioned is abruptly ceased off, the writers purposeful conclusion of irony through short lived liberation. “Free , Free, free mind” (SH) Showing how Louise accepts the joy of freedom that overtakes her with the absence of her husband in order to feel genuine happiness. The parallel between Louise and The Yellow Wallpaper shows how one is trapped and progressively worsens to a breaking point, while the other rises to hopeful ambitions and immediately cut

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