Essay on Summary Of ' The ' I Don 't Leave Me '

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She trembled where she stood, avoiding meeting his gaze head-on. His bicep flexed. She could smell him, nicotine and spice, and feel his eyes running over her.
“Please, just let me go,” came out strangled.
“Is that really what you want?”
Her eyes lifted to his. “Yes.”
“Are you sure? Because I can’t keep doing this, you’re killing me, Gin.” He dropped the arm, his eyes closing as his forehead thumped against the door casing. He drew a deep breath and stepped back, letting her pass.
She got halfway down the hallway when he grabbed hold of her arm and spun her around to face him. “I’ll do whatever it takes,” he pleaded, “just don’t leave me. Tell me what to do.” His hold on her arm desperate.
Whenever she took a couple of steps, Chase matched them with his own, always staying one step ahead of her, blocking her path. His green eyes glistened with tears and it made it even harder. Virginia had never seen Chase cry. Not over his parents. Not over the abuse. Not over anything, except her. Her chest closed up. She couldn’t look Chase directly in the eyes.
He whispered, “I’m not saying it will be perfect, but what’s wrong with giving love another chance. I need to know, do you feel the same way or am I chasing memoires?”
“Please, Chase, I can’t.” she managed a few steps.
“That wasn’t an answer.” He was back in front of her. His hands were on her upper arms. His eyes focused on hers and nothing else. He cleared his throat, “You’re the first thing I think about when I wake up…

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