Summary Of ' One Last Call ' Essay

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Chapter Fifteen
‘One Last Call’
When Harper slouched into her Monday morning registration class after a mournful weekend lamenting her dismal display at the science exhibition, she wished the day was over already.
As she waited for an unusually late Miss. Turncroft to take to her desk for the morning register, Harper turned her attention from the empty space at the front of the class, to the empty space out the window.
The clear blue sky had turned a distraught grey, whilst a giant monstrosity of a cloud rolled its way across the barren landscape, laden with heavy water ready for dumping on the unfortunate students doing star jumps on the athletics track below.
Could be worse, Harper thought after assessing their plight before deciding that, no, it couldn’t be worse and she would rather be outside about to get drenched on the athletics track, than in the classroom awaiting the arrival of the teacher she had let down so badly.
Foghorn Henry jeered as Miss. Turncroft entered the classroom with Tammy from the year above. Miss Turncroft was smiling as she took her seat, whilst Tammy stood awkwardly by her desk in front of the class.
“Hey Miss. Turncroft, what time is it??”
Henry couldn’t help himself. Miss. Turncroft replied in a heartbeat.
“Well it’s a quarter to nine I would say, wouldn’t you Henry?”
“Okay…and what time are you meant to take the register Miss…??”
Henry wasn’t letting up.
“Well, I’d say right about now wouldn’t you Henry?”
Miss. Turncroft smiled a huge…

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