Summary Of ' Dreaming Of Heroes ' And ' Joy Luck Club ' By Charlie Bissinger 's Article, Dreaming

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In Amy Tan’s, “Joy Luck Club” and Charlie Bissinger’s article, “ Dreaming of Heroes” from Friday Night Lights develop the central theme of Hope and Confidence between the relationships of the children and their parents.The central theme: hope develops because of the high expectations that the parents want from their children;, so, they can develop a better lives for themselves in the future. As the process of achieving the the high expectations from the parents goes on, the children seem to have quit, putcause anxiety on themselves, which causes them to fail, and they also have a fear for the future. TheseThe great expectations not only make the children have fear of the future when they fail, but it also motivates the child to continue their journey of achieving the great expectations. The central theme develops in both the article and Joy Luck Club which establishes the relationships between the parent and the child. In Joy Luck Club’s, “ Two Kinds,” the central theme of hope and confidence develops a relationship between Jing Mei and her mother when she wanted high expectations from her when when she wanted Jing Mei be a prodigy. In the chapter, “ Two Kinds,” Jing mother stated high expectations for Jing Mei states, “ Of Course you can be a prodigy, to, “ You can be at anything.”( Tan, pg. 132) . Suyuan Woo, Jing Mei’s mother, friends’ daughters all have developed some special talent and they have accomplished things from it to make their parents…

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