Summary Of Bend It Like Beckham Essay

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Bend It Like Beckham (2003)
1. Plot Summary
Jesminder, ‘Jess’ is an 18-year-old daughter of Indian family which lives in London. She is the second daughter of the family. While her sister, Pinky, who preparing for an Indian wedding, Jess dreams being a professional soccer player. She is a really big fan of famous English soccer player, David Beckham. Sometimes she plays soccer in the park with her good friend Tony and the boys. She is really good at playing soccer, however, her family does not allow her to play because she is a girl. One day when she is playing in the park, Juliette,’Jules’ who plays for the women 's team of the local club see her and really impressed with her skills. She offers her to meet with their coach, Joe. On the first day, Joe impresses with her play and puts her on the team. Jess does not tell the truth to her family and Jules and Jess become best friends. However, they both fell in love with Joe.
When the team travels to Germany for a big match, Jules sees Joe and Jess almost kiss at the party. After that Jules be angry with them and Jess 's parents find out and forbid her to continue playing. When Jess comes to apologize from Jule, Jules 's mother wrongly thinks Jules is a lesbian because of their quarrel. While Jess’s family prepares Pinky 's wedding, Jess continues to play. Joe tells Jesse, an American scout will come to the final game to watch her and Jules. Joe encourages Jess to tell the truth to her parents and eventually he talks with…

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