The Necklace, Rules Of The Game And The Most Dangerous Game

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What is conflict? In literature, conflict is a struggle between opposing forces. This struggle can be eternal, and it is only something that the main character has to deal with. The main character’s conflict could be external as well, something they have no control over. The stories “The Necklace,” “Rules of the Game,” and “The Most Dangerous Game” all deal with conflict. These stories have titles that express their conflict, and these conflicts change the main characters through the duration of the story. In all three stories “The Necklace,” “Rules of the Game,” and “The Most Dangerous Game,” the main characters find a new truth to themselves through conflict, and the titles of these stories reflect how this happens.
In the story “The
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The conflict that Rainsford comes across pertains to the safety of his life. Rainsford finds himself throughout the story in danger of his life. The title, “The Most Dangerous Game,” also deeply describes this conflict. Rainsford’s life becomes in danger due to this “game.” Rainsford also finds that this “game” of hunting humans does not rest upon him how hunting animals would. The conversation when Rainsford comes to understand that Zaroff hunts humans. He is shocked, and this is how it goes: “‘It must have courage, cunning, and, above all, it must be able to reason.' ‘But no animal can reason,’ objected Rainsford. ‘My dear fellow,’ said the general, ‘there is one that can.’ ‘But you can't mean--’ gasped Rainsford. ‘And why not?’" (225 Connell). The reader can tell from this conversation that Rainsford is not fond of the idea of hunting humans; he is actually disgusted. By the end of the story, once Rainsford survives and defeats the conflict, he comes to realize that hunting humans, that can reason, could be fun. This marks the spot that his truth changed. He wants to do what Zaroff does, and he manages to. The reader can imply this when it says, “He had never slept in a better bed, Rainsford decided” (236). Rainsford now is the owner of the island and will most likely use it for hunting. The conflict that appears in “The Most Dangerous Game” changes Rainsford’s truth throughout the

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