Summary Of ' Anna Duggar 's Love With Her Soul Mate Essay

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Anna Duggar remains faithful despite pleas from her brother Daniel Keller Anna Duggar fell in love with her soul mate, Josh Duggar. The two shared time together in a courtship prior to getting engaged and then married. During the seven years they have been married Anna gave birth to four beautiful and healthy children ranging from the ages of five to a one month old. Now Anna’s brother is pleading with his sister, who is very supportive of her to act rationally and not emotionally. He is pleading with her to leave her husband and get out of what he feels is a bad marriage with his help. According to People on August 27, Josh has been entered in a long-term rehabilitation facility to provide Josh with the help he needs and is long overdue. Anna will be left alone to raise her family until Josh overcomes his ways and is released. Who knows how things will pan out once Josh is deemed rehabilitated as he works through his long journey towards wholeness and recovery.

Daniel Keller wants his sister to stand tall, leave her husband, take her children with her and finally leave the Duggar family. Daniel also said he would pay to move his sister and her children and support them financially as well. All Anna has to do is agree to take that final step to remove herself and her children from her husband to ensure their well being and safety so they can begin again without being in a tarnished and shameful spotlight.

The Keller family, according to an exclusive given by a source…

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