Is The Bible Poorly Written Essay

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Is the bible poorly written?
The bible is a book of Christian scriptures with an Old and New Testament. Being a religious book used as a guide for many Christian denominations, you would think the book would have concise instructions on do’s and don’ts to get into heaven. However, this is not the case. The point of this essay is not to berate Christianity especially since I am a Christian myself. The point is to berate the quality of the Holy Book that is, to put frankly, poorly written. The bible is poorly organized to begin with. The book is written chronologically with events that can be verified through archaeological finds and historical documents. The reason it is unorganized isn’t because of its chronological order, but because it is not written in thematic order. The
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When it comes to things we aren’t supposed to do, the list is scattered everywhere. The bible would be easier to navigate if the book included a checklist of approved and unapproved behaviors and perhaps that list would include page numbers for reference. Also, as religious book meant to guide us and inform us of how to live the best lives, you would think the bible would use less metaphors and just get to the point. The bible has entirely too many things that are open to interpretation, leading to far too many issues. If the bible had more concise advice then perhaps there wouldn’t be a ridiculous amount of Christian denominations simply because we all feel God intended slightly different meanings. If someone attempted to publish the bible as a work of fiction, it would never get published. In other words, the bible is comparable to a book that never went through the editing phase or writing. It’s all over the place and the point is hardly ever clear! The Bible should be more explicit in what it is God wants from us. This is just another of the many reasons why the bible is poorly

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