Essay on Suicide Is An Irrational Desire?

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Suicide is an irrational desire to die.

We say irrational because that is what it is, not logical or reasonable. No matter how bad of the situation an individual is in, all suicide is is a permanent solution to what is always a temporary problem. All of the problems that lead up to the event of suicide is fixable, every single one of them.

Internationally, one person commits suicide every 40 seconds. Although being more common in girls than in boys, the chances for successfully killing yourself is higher for males.

This is because women who take their lives tend to use less violent methods such as poisoning, taking pills, or self harming to the extreme; in this case there is a higher chance of survival.

Not to mention the fact that girls may find the medical help that they need.

On the other hand, guys who don’t talk about their problems with anyone have a lower chance of getting the help that they need. Males also tend to use more lethal methods of destruction such as shooting, jumping off of high buildings, and different methods of suffocation.

It’s crazy that somebody can be on the verge of dying and everybody around them will be so oblivious. All of the warning signs are there, they have always been there.

Little things like sudden changes in their mood or attitude, pulling back from the people you love, lack of self care, dropping of grades, and even just always looking so dead and tired all of the time, as if there’s nothing left to life; as if there’s no more…

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