Suicide As A Plague Among Young Adults Essay

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Standing on the edge with tears running down your cheeks, you stop to think about your decision once more. Memories flash before your eyes, burrowing a deeper hole into your heart. As your determination arises, one final time, to end it all, you close your eyes and slowly let yourself go. As you fall into the outreached arms of the darkness, you finally feel weightless after so long. The air swooshes past your ears and then thud! Nothing. You feel nothing, you hear nothing, and finally, you are nothing. You only leave behind the ones who care about you with filled with regret and a shattered heart.
Suicide is an ever growing problem in the world today with all that the millennial generation, unfortunately, has to face. Suicide has become a plague among young adults, both men and women, making its appearance in the top three leading causes of death in the United States and an estimated one million people from around the world commit suicide each year. (Smith et al) However, there are those who do not believe that suicide and depression rates have increased over the years. Whenever someone you love takes their own life, more often than not, most people will blame themselves. For the rest of their life they will wonder what they could have done to prevent this tragedy. With the overall loss of hope in young adults, depression seems to be spreading like wildfire threatening everything in its path. But how do we try to control this dangerous wildfire? While the right answer…

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