Imperiled Hearts Research Paper

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Imperiled Hearts
There are more wars that go unseen and unheard of, than any of the great battles read in history books. This was pounded into my head since I was a little girl yet, I didn’t really understand this till I had to face one of the great battles myself. After losing and almost losing several people in my life, I am also a survivor against my own mind. A majority of us believe that there is a way to make someone feel better. Whether it’s to kiss the scraped knee of a child or the kindness given to another in a time of need, people learn that it is easy to love and care for others. Yet, how does one heal the mind of another? How can we stop the pain deep inside, not only others, but ourselves? There’s no way to get inside to know
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That inability to really understand why one feels a certain way… All I know personally is that this deep sadness grows and builds to the point that it poisons the mind and leaves one blind. I had a great life. I just didn’t see it like that. I hated myself more than anything else in the world. You just learn to ignore it or press it down so no one else knows. “The National Institute of Mental Health says that 90 percent of all suicide “Completers” display some form of diagnosable mental disorder… In the past 40 years, whole new generations of antidepressant drugs have been developed; crisis hotline centers have been established in most every American city; and yet today the nation’s suicide rate (11 victims per 100,000 inhabitants) is almost precisely what it was in 1965” (Anderson). So, it’s not working. Yeah, the drugs may shield the mind, but it won’t last forever and it’s extremely damaging. More and more people are being prescribed medication in order to fix the problem. Doctors and therapists are always quick to diagnose patients, yet, there is little understanding as to how depression should be treated. There are too many factors, that it’s too great of an anomaly to actually prescribe something so dangerous to someone who in some cases is “depressed”. “When we encounter the suicide of somebody else, we always seem to try to rationalize …show more content…
The puzzle is missing too many of the key pieces to the picture. There are a thousand things that can lead one to take his or her life. It could start by simply living and caring for humanity. Even if they are a stranger, the smallest acts can make a difference. To know the signs and see past the drunken haze of perception, and see truly through someone else’s eyes. By learning to hear the cues, the cries of the tearing heart. “We did not talk about depression and disorders of the brain, much less suicide. Today we accept that mental illness is a disease and not a flaw in one 's character, and we are more aware of the many factors that contribute to depression. We acknowledge that there is never one reason in a suicide. By talking about suicide prevention always begins with understanding” (Keane). At one point, everyone will be faced with this low. I don’t mean just sad, but a deeper low; a deep depression. The question is, who is going to hear you? Will you be able to call out against your own mind, just as much as you are able to understand another? While knowing, the mind has taken more and more lives than even mere

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