Depression And Suicide In America Essay

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Honestly, in my perspective, I thought a young teenager or young adult (age between 15 and 24) were more committed suicide than others, but I was wrong. In 2000, the age between 85 or older were committed suicide more than others, but in next year and after that, it gets better. Not just age I was observed, the gender and the race are included, so I was surprised with the result. The high rates of suicide by ethnicity from 2000 to 2011 among white and American Indian people. Besided that, the black, Asian/ Pacifier Islander, and Hispanic people were low numbers of suicide rates.

(Matthews, Dylan. "12 Facts about Depression and Suicide in America." Vox. 12 Aug. 2014. Web. 01 Apr. 2016.)
I wondered why the suicide rates of white and American Indian people are high, but the statistic of depression of the race of white and American Indian is pretty higher than other races: you can check the graph out in the website of “12 facts about depression and suicide in America”
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"12 Facts about Depression and Suicide in America." Vox. 12 Aug. 2014. Web. 01 Apr. 2016.) On other the hand, it doesn’t matter what is their race or gender, the suicide rates in the United States are generally high. Therefore, it caused many people didn’t understand why the person decided to end their life, even their life is not completed. It’s difficult to explain people why they did do that, but it’s similar to the concept of why they have a (major) depression disorder. “Why did the person decide to commit suicide” is a similar question to, “why do I have a depression?” Sometimes, people just can’t understand that they really need a help, doesn’t matter if the person didn’t ask you. It’s simply not their fault since their brain’s serotonin activity decreased, which leads them feel depression and loss of interest with their lifestyle. Consequently, it made them thinking that it’s pointless for them to ask help since they didn’t have a

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