Successful Teaching Practices At University Level Essay

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I believe that successful teaching practices at university level not only require enthusiastic students, expert and knowledgeable instructors, and well-organized syllabi and course materials, but they also require passionate, dedicative and enthusiastic instructors. As an earth science and engineering instructor, my major goals are: (i) to exemplify fundamental theories and applications (ii) to learn my students both conceptual and critical thinking skills in a variety of earth-related problems, and (iii) to familiarize the students with the knowledge frontier and instruct them how to plan and conduct a research study in this area.
To achieve my first goal, I use a variety of modern teaching aids to assist the conventional teaching method. For instance, using demonstrations, animations, graphical user interfaces and computer simulation and programming have been demonstrated to be effective in learning fundamental theories in different disciplines. For instance, in an undergraduate level class in “mining methods and equipment” I benefit from discrete-event simulation and animation to teach the importance and influence of haul truck dispatching and equipment management on mining operations. The students learn more effectively when they see the trucks in animation, and bottlenecks in the equipment flows. Subsequently I relate different aspects of the animation to the theories and formula and go fort and back several times between the simulation and equations until I make sure…

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