Substantive Assessment Methods For Evaluating The Applicant Pool

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Substantive assessment methods are widely used throughout many organizations to further evaluate the applicant pool, thus continually narrowing down the potential applicants to those who meet specific qualifications and show promise of continued success. The depth and methods of administering substantive tests may fluctuate based on numerous variables which include, but are not limited to the organizations financial support, time allotted, and available resources to perform; however, the means for which organizations use to accurately gauge and forecast potential candidates for final selection is just as important as the applicants ability to effectively navigate through each method. Predictors typically used in selection may include personality tests; ability tests; emotional intelligence tests; performance tests and work samples; situational judgement tests; integrity tests; interest, values, and preference inventories; structured interviews; and team assessments (Heneman, H., & Judge, T., 2012). But the final variable in determining such predictors relies heavily on the actual knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics of importance for a specific job description and may vary from job to job. provides a detailed Pharmacist Job Overview which speaks to one’s ability to deliver medication to patients and advise on side effects, consultation of healthy living alternatives, perform health and wellness checks and administer immunizations. Dealing…

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