Myers-Briggs Personality Test Essay

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The world’s most influential psychologist is without a doubt Sigmund Freud. While Freud’s original concepts are not in use today, Freud is the father of modern psychology. Nonetheless there is a psychologist greater than Freud. Carl Gustav Jung. The inspiration for the New Age and the Catholics, the introverts and extraverts, and the individual and the collective a like. Carl Jung’s theories encompassed the idea that the individual be compelled to become more self-actualized and more in touch with the world. Carl Gustav Jung strived to find unity in the world. Carl Gustav Jung was born in 1875 on July 26 in Kesswil, Switzerland. His father was a Swiss Reformed Church Evangelical minister. (Hyde & McGuinness, 1999) The Reformed Church in Switzerland and are a type of Protestant church with a …show more content…
However, businesses, professional groups, and people such as priest and councilors who act as stand in psychologist use the Myers-Briggs test. (Webb) Businesses can use the identification of the personality types to best organize workers to maximize profit and creativity. Nonetheless, the individual can best use the results of the Myers-Briggs personality test. The results of the Myers-Briggs personality test can help an individual understand how to best work with peers, promote awareness of strengths and weaknesses in people with different personality types, and understand how to overcome their own weaknesses and how to capitalize on their own strengths.
One potential pitfall of the Myers-Briggs personality test is that businesses will use the subjective results of the test to give the boot to employees that are determined to be of the unsatisfactory personality type and employers will bring employees on board who are determined to be of the superincumbent, and high-caliber personality type. This discriminatory outcome is feared in most of Carl Gustav Jung’s

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