Substance Dualism And Its Effects On Physical Beings Essay

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I argue that substance dualism is false. Substance dualism claims that people and body are distinct. People are nonphysical beings that connect to bodies. Here is my argument against substance dualism. (1) If substance dualism is true, people cannot causally influence bodies. (2) People can causally influence bodies. Therefore (3) Substance dualism is false. (1), (2) and (3) constitute a valid argument. An argument is valid means that if all of its premises are true, then the conclusion must be true. Now I’m going to prove that both premise (1) and premise (2) are true.
Premise (1) is true because (i)nonphysical beings cannot causally influence physical beings; (ii)bodies are physical beings, and (iii) if substance dualism is true, then people are nonphysical beings.
I’m going to explain why nonphysical beings cannot causally influence physical beings. Physical beings undergo physical events. Physical events always occur in space and involve transfer of energy. Since energy and spatial location are physical properties, and nonphysical beings don’t have physical properties, nonphysical beings cannot cause the changes of energy or location. Therefore, nonphysical beings cannot causally influence physical beings.
I’m going to illustrate my point with an example. In order to start a music box someone has to rotate the ratchet lever. The ratchet lever in turn rotates the cylinder connected to it. The set of pins that place on the cylinder are in turn rotates. The cylinder is…

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