Style Approach to Leadership Essay

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In the investigation of the various characteristics and styles of leadership the emphasis of the style approach is the focus on the actions and behavioral characteristics of the leader. There are two behaviors of the style approach that researchers have observed: task behaviors and relationship behaviors (Northouse, 2007). People who are in roles of leadership should possess both behaviors to be successful in their position and maintain motivation and the quest for achievement in their subordinates. Task behaviors are those traits that keep others motivated to work to complete objectives. Relationship behaviors are characteristics and actions that leaders possess that make others feel respected and want to work towards goals. Unlike other …show more content…
What I can take from my task behavior score In future leadership positions, I understand now that being the leader does not mean always being the one in charge. However, I can be a more effective leader by recognizing that I am not always going to be the one that has the ability to accomplish the goals and objectives. Being a good leader means being able to recognize the traits in your team members that are needed to complete tasks. An effective leader must be able to delegate tasks to team members they know can accomplish those tasks. As I move forward and work towards obtaining a leadership position, I will work towards being more focused on project definition and identifying roles and responsibilities for others in the group. In doing so, I will become more comfortable being a leader for task behaviors.
Relationship behaviors I am very much of a “people person”; this trait that I possess was a major factor in my choice to pursue adult learning as a career path. My results for the relationship behaviors from the style questionnaire scored in the very high range. I believe my behaviors with people stem from the way I was raised. Traits like “treats others fairly” and “shows concern for the well-being of others” are behaviors that were instilled in me at a very young age. At the age of 10 or 11, my father was bringing me to the local homeless shelter to

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