Studying Abroad Is A Gift Essay

860 Words Apr 11th, 2016 4 Pages
Studying abroad is a gift. This gift not only gives students incredible experiences and stories, but more importantly, a new perspective, a new worldview, and a new appreciation for other cultures and people. When I daydream in anticipation of setting off to South Africa, which is quite often, I think about the natural beauty, the ocean, the animals and the people. Not only that, but I ponder what I will be like when I return. What lessons will I have learned? What will my perspective on the world be? These questions excite me. The reason is that I know that this upcoming semester will change me for the better. I am aware that I am fortunate enough to be gaining an understanding of the world that I cannot attain in any other way. I will be able to use this new knowledge to shape how I live my life and how I will teach children in the future. I have lived in the United States for my entire life. I have lived in California for my entire life. It is my home and I love my home, yet it is a bubble. This bubble is safe and pleasant, but I know I am ready to encounter the joy, the difficulty, and the change that comes from breaking out of my comfort zone. Living in a different country is pretty far from the comfort zone, but when one leaves their home, there is abundant opportunity for growth. I want this growth in my life and I know it can help me in my academics and my career. The reason I chose South Africa is because the culture is vastly different from America, yet super…

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