Essay on Study Habits

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Chapter 2

The review of related literature for this study focuses on the factors affecting the study habits of high school students. The review focuses on identifying different factors that affect or cause changes in a student’s study habits. The chapter begins with a definition of study habits, followed by the significance, factors that affect study habits – student’s attitude, teachers, parents, etc. – and ways on how to improve one’s study habit. The research outcomes germane to study habits and a matching relation to grades, participation in class, and academic.
According to Romeo M. Losare Jr. (2009) study habits simply mean how a pupil manages his/ her time
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Various researches done on what constitutes good study habits point to the following common elements: a) being organized in terms of notes, lessons, materials; b) having a regular time and place for studying lessons, and making decisions about priorities concerning time and goals; c) good parental models, early and consistent parental supervision, and learning-conducive home culture and environment; and d) personal responsibility over what one does and does not do. Positive attitude towards learning also enhances one’s chances of acquiring reasoning skills.
As stressed by Mcknight (2006), habits form through repetition. Once formed, habits are difficult to break. And habits formed when we are young are likely to stay with us all our lives. Attaining your ideal study habit is a long-way process. It is developed by encountering mistakes from past styles and then using these mistakes to obtain a more correct style. And if it becomes a part of people’s viewpoint on studying, it is very hard to break it apart and adjust to a more favorable style.
Holmes (1971), stated that education is the best legacy a nation can give to her citizens especially the youth. This is because the development of any nation or community depends largely on the quality of education of such nation. It is generally believed that the basis for any true development must

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