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January 11, 2016
Ashley Mae Bartolo Ms. Jocelyn Salo
Ab-Eng3 Instructress
Eng 28

Dance with Dreams of Life

RERo wrote this poem to possibly show the huge effect of the meaning of life has on one’s everyday life. For example without the dreams, life would be meaningless , and hollow to it’s side. However , the dreams that make life to live, grateful and beautiful indeed. The author also goes further to show the meaning of life, how it takes to live with passion and embracing the
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They’re talking to second heart, urging it to not go away, to stick around and fight. This is why we have two hearts, so we can live.
In to Dance with the Dream of life, RERo somehow delivers a good way of conveying the meaning of life. Nevertheless it also gaves a good an idea on giving such experience in human life. The readers would turn out to be interested by reading it because, the readers able to connect the “goings” in life. It also allows readers to bring: personality traits, memories of the past and present experiences to the text. Besides the reader response allows readers to interpret the text in various ways.
In this poem, RERo is expressing the idea that dreams in life bring hope and guidance to people. RERo uses anastrophes to directly address the dreams. For example, RERo urges the “dance” to "with the dreams." This anastrophe brings about a soothing essence to the poem and shows RERo belief that the dreams in life is able to turn the gloomy night into a calm and dreamy situation.  RERo uses another anastrophe in the 15th and 16th line of the poem, lullaby lulls us to "what is but bountiful .“  Blake also uses metaphors to compare the ears to a "what we call nature." 10. The dreams is the symbol for the life;.Secondly alliteration within the poem will be dealt with. The schemes on the pages attached will help explain why assonance, consonance and alliteration are that important. The 4th and 5th stanzas has an alliteration with

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