Study Abroad For The International Business Program Essay

779 Words Oct 14th, 2015 4 Pages
When choosing which school to study abroad for the international business program, I came across the Otto Beisheim German university and immediately felt a connection. The school provides students with a rich academic curriculum and extensive practical experience that prepares them for operating international companies. It also places a huge emphasis on establishing an academic foundation and personal development, which greatly ties into my goal for my study abroad experience. To foster academic and personal success, the school makes international students a priority and has developed a student organization solely devoted to facilitating international student transition. This organization hosts a week long orientation and plans excursions and cultural activities to allow classmates to interact and assimilate into the culture. The university also has a “buddy system” that provides each international student with a native German member of the student body that provides answers to living and cultural questions and an additional academic buddy that serves a mentor and guide to succeeding in the academic courses. At the end of the semester, the university offers an award-winning management abroad course that take students abroad to a different country for 10 days and gives students a chance to visit an emerging market country with WHU lectures. The students visit companies and write a research paper that is presented during the trip. The focus and programs at WHU allow me to…

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