Student Feedback Essay

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This essay examines the relationship between students and teachers’ feedback on assignment in higher education and why students value feedback. In university, feedback seems very important and valuable to students as feedbacks provide teachers’ suggestions and reflect teachers’ opinion of the students. Therefore, it will be argued that nowadays many students find that feedbacks are important. Furthermore, it is argued that the reasons for students to value feedback and the effect of the negative feedback.

Feedback can be a sentence or a paragraph from tutors after they have returned back the assignment, it shows the tutors’ advises as well as opinions. According to Hattie and Timperley (2007) feedback is defined as “information provided
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All these little feedbacks can make huge differences and influence students’ attitude on their study. According to Rowe (2011) feedback provides a way to develop their study so they can score high results, also it cheers up students’ learning attitude so they can not only have more passion on their study as well as avoid anxiety. Moreover, feedback provides an opportunity for teachers to interact with students as well as show the respect and attention to students. (p.349). This explains that students value feedback not only because they can have good marks but also, they can feel teachers caring and it really motivates them. Similarly, Lizzio and Wilson’s (2008) results indicated that “Students also endorsed the importance of the socioemotional aspects of feedback. Supportive feedback was described in three main forms: acknowledging achievements, recognizing effort invested irrespective of grade given and a considerate tone when making critical comment.” (p.26) It shows that Lizzio and Wilson as well as Rowe have the same results that feedback improves the grades and encourages the students, it really influences students. Furthermore, Rowe also has suggested “feedback was perceived as a way of reducing anxiety and other negative feelings” (p.352). This explains that feedback can help students not only with their study but also can avoid adverse impact or some mental

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