Students Need Civics Education Initiative Essay

1085 Words Jun 16th, 2015 null Page
Students need Civics Education The Civics Education Initiative was designed to ensure students graduate with the tools they need to become informed and engaged citizens; second, to get students know more about their civics education and also to get it back in every classrooms across this country. Some many elementary schools, these days are coming to middle school lacking crucial skills," lack of civic awareness throughout this country. "What am trying to say is that students from the United States are becoming more disadvantages to the immigrants."
Educators said history is critical for students to learning how to become a better citizens and understanding the values and tradition of the nation, and how the country 's political and cultural systems work. Students need to not only recognize leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. and Abraham Lincoln, but also understand why they were very important to the country. Most Americans have shared a dream of a democracy in which all citizens understand, engage actively in a political life. In recent decades numbers of Americans have disengaged from civic and political and they are less likely to vote and are less interested in political discussion and public issues than either their older counterparts or young people of past decades. As a result, many young Americans may not ready to participate fully in our democracy now and when they become adults. This absence of learning in American history is not restricted to…

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