Students Classified The Class As Somewhat Interesting ( 16 % )

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Question 9: Regarding this question:
• 2 students classified the class as somewhat interesting (16%).
• 1 student was unsure of classification (8%)
• 4 students classified the class as boring (33%)
• 5 students classified the class as extremely boring (41%).

Question 10, regarding class recommendation these were the results:
• 2 students recommended the class (16 %).
• 8 students did not recommend the class (66%).
• 2 students were not sure about recommending the class or not. (16%).

Survey Summary Results
Even though the table is explicit in regards of student’s response to the survey questions, it’s important to note that 41 % of the learners completing the survey classify the class as extremely boring, while 66% of the sample would not recommend the class to other students. This results evidence the need for a change in the Law and Ethics Class.

Curriculum Design
For this curriculum design several theories were consulted and reviewed. Gagne’s nine events of Instruction played an important role ensuring that the learners were engaged and motivated in the class and able to apply the material learned. The model created by Gagne allows educators to analyze the model even before the class starts, every one of the steps highlight communication forms that increase the quality of the lesson, resulting in learners being more engaged and able to apply the content since they are able to retain the information presented. As suggested by Kretchmar (2015) Gagne’s work had no…

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