Student Work For Content, Format, And Overall Quality With Notes And Corrections

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In addition to relieving this obligation from the instructor, I reviewed student work for content, format, and overall quality with notes and corrections. Following this, I then organized it for easy analysis by Professor Roberts. By doing so, I improved my ability to evaluate and critique the written work of others. Having multiple assignments to read through also helped me compare who possessed favorable writing skills and who the weaker writers were. When reviewing their work, I looked for grammatical errors, to help their writing improve, formatting issues —as it would hurt their grade if incorrect— and content issues, to make sure they were addressing the main points of the assignments in order to grasp communication studies concepts. For the required rough drafts of their formal outlines and different portions of their project, I followed the same procedures as with their smaller assignments. I was also able to provide feedback to the students face to face in class. When rough drafts were handed in, Professor Roberts and I first reviewed the papers or outlines, and then relay our concerns on to the students. In addition, I gave feedback to the instructor in regards to how the groups’ nonprofit project was progressing. The constructive criticism, given by the teaching assistants and the teacher, allowed the students to revise and improve their work in the hope of receiving better grades.
An important part of my experience being a course assistant included planning and…

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