The Importance Of Improvements In Writing

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When the semester started, I was terrified to take English due to my huge weakness in writing particularly a college paper. I started off evaluating myself as a weak writer, which I still am but with more knowledge now than where I stared at the beginning. I have learned to embrace the new writing techniques by familiarizing myself with my professor teaching methods. Coming from someone that thought they could not write a paper at all. Even though it’s been difficult, I still believe that I have made some progress. I can see the difference in my analysis writing assignments even though small it is still a step towards learning how to write a good paper. The progression of my improvements can be seen in my work throughout project two and three. …show more content…
This process is made up of the introduction along with the thesis statement in the first paragraph. Then the body paragraphs that explain what the essay will be about with all the descriptions and evidence mentioned in the thesis that leads to the climax of the story. Last will be the conclusion and it should reinforce the thesis or have a final resolution. The writing technique outline was very helpful in organizing my essay. These strategies help the essay flow nicely and organized. I believe by using the writing process organization skills, I fulfilled one out of the three course goals. I accomplished this by using the writing skills outline in all my homework assignment …show more content…
For instance, in project three it has help me to view any video or media beyond the pictures or words. I have become more aware of details that might not have captured my attention the first time around. More of my focus now is on the actions of the cast for the meaning behind their use of ethos, logos, and pathos that conveys a deeper emotional connection than just listening to the lyrics. Here is an example of pathos out of project three “Lopez’s video left me with a sad feeling after watching her video due to the lack of bright colors” (Hernandez 2). With the lack of bright color in Lopez’s video it conveyed the emotion of feeling sad. The dull color halted me from listening and had me feeling gloomy in the end. Not all videos will have logos that make since and associate with the lyrics or action displays. This experience has showed me that everything has something different to share with the audience. On project two, I real had to do lots of critical thinking to rewrite a narrative from the movie I picked. To retell it changes had to be made to some scene from the original movie. To achieve these, transition the use of substitution, addition and retelling was used. For the substitution in the movie “The Notebook”, I substituted the notebook for a diary. Noah reads out of the notebook in the original version but in my version, Allie reads out of her diary. Following

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