Student Should Not Take A Gap Year Essay

1003 Words Dec 2nd, 2015 5 Pages
Every year, thousands of students throughout the world spent their last year of high school applying for college to decide what will be the right choice in furthering their education. While a wide variety of students decide to proceed straight into college others would prefer to have a gap year. A gap year is when students take a year off away from the school. Students, who graduate from high school, should take a year off before starting a new chapter in life, therefore the gap year can allow the student to take a break from school and add excessive time to decide what career to excel in. The student should not take a gap year unless the student is sure of what career to pursue in. A large quantity of people would disagree with having a gap year between high school and college, but it does offer great benefits such as having time away from hectic work, being well prepared, and help save more money.
While some students spend the next year in school, others who take a gap year will obtain just a little more time to relax and receive a mental break from all the stressful work. Not all students can deal with intense work that requires a copious amount of time and energy throughout the year. Having a gap year allows students to also do other activities without being worried about taking a test or completing a book report the next day. Taking a year off is also a perfect opportunity to explore the world and meet new friends, especially if it involves with a career that the…

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