Student Disability Proposal

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To: Shirley S. Stumpner
From: Alana Bonds, a student user of Indiana Disability Services, Camille Zyniewicz, and David Schell, Concerned Indiana University Students
Date: October 8, 2015
Subject: Proposal to Research and Improve the Efficiency of Indiana University Disability Services


As students at Indiana University, we believe that we all deserve an equal opportunity to attend classes every day. When a student is disabled, either permanently or temporarily, it can be challenging to attend classes. We think that it is wonderful that the University provides a method of transportation for these disabled students, but we feel that some improvements can be made in order to increase the efficiency of the system
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• Students missing class because they are not picked up as scheduled.
• Students late to class because they are picked up late.
The details listed above contribute to the difficulties that students encounter when using Disability Services. Strict approval requirements, slow paper work processing, and wait listing leave many students unable to attend classes. When Students are unable to attend class, or are late to class, their ability to perform well academically is decreased and their education is jeopardized. As a concerned user of this service and students at Indiana University, we request permission to conduct research pertaining to the above problem and offer suggestions on how to improve the service.
Plan of Action

Below is a table outlining a schedule of planned research activities we will follow:

Task Time Span
Review of requirements and approval process Two days
Observation of paperwork filing process Two
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For two days, beginning in January, we will review the requirements and approval process for use of the service with staff members. We will make note of both temporary and long-term disabilities that qualify for use of the service, and the ones that do not. The following two days we will observe the paperwork an filing process of student applications to the service. We will take notes on the efficiency of the methods and systems used, as well as organization. Next, we will take one week to interview the staff to see what issues they may have noticed with the efficiency of the service. After this, we will take two to three weeks to distribute surveys and perform interviews with students who make use of the service for permanent disabilities, temporary disabilities, and students who have not used the service, in order to see what kind of experiences they have had with Disability Services. The final two weeks of research will include observation of the pick-up and drop-off procedure of students. In addition to all of the above, we will take one week to closely review and analyze the interviews and

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