Student Athletes Should Be Drug Tested Essay

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All student athletes should be drug tested In today’s day in age, drug use is rising and becoming an increasing problem. The use of drugs by athletes has been a controversial topic for many years and continues to grow. Does the old theory stating that student athletes tend to stay away from drugs and alcohol hold true today? With the many records of student athletes being arrested for alcohol and drug abuse, substance abuse has truly become a problem. The use of performance enhancing drugs is not only unfair to other athletes, but also bad for your health and just overall unsafe. On July 15, 2003, Taylor Dooton took his own life due to his use of steroids. Taylor was a 17-year old, high school athlete from Plano, Texas. With Taylor’s death, his parents, friends, and family formed the Taylor Hooton Foundation to honor his memory, after they became aware of the growing problem among high school athletes across the country(Marquis). His parents and a doctor that was familiar with the case said that Taylor 's death was believed to be related to depression that he felt upon ending his use of anabolic steroids. ' 'It 's a pretty strong case that he was withdrawing from steroids and his suicide was directly related to that, ' ' said Dr. Larry W. Gibbons, president and medical director of the Cooper Aerobics Center, a leading preventive medicine clinic in Dallas. ' 'This is a kid who was well liked, had a lot good friends, no serious emotional problems. He had a bright…

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