Structural And Systemic Racism : Becoming Corporate America And Academia Into The 21st Century

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Structural and Systemic Racism: Bringing Corporate America and Academia into the 21st Century

Foundation and History of Structural and Systemic Racism According to the American Library, on July 4, 1776, the Second Continental Congress unanimously adopted the Declaration of Independence (American History, American Library, ). In this policy, the Constitution, which provided the legal and government capacity for America, there read, “all Men are created equal” (American History, American Library, ). However, by the 1830s, white America had more liberty and political rights than any other person in the Atlantic world (Slavery in the Shadow of Liberty, ). Many factors were the derivative of this reality in America. Slavery, Native Decolonization and Mexican Outsiders were the root and beginning of structural and systemic racism in America. Though this paper does not state that this is an all inclusive list of the totality of racism in its infancy in America.

Slavery in the Nation

Washington, D.C. was a great contradiction to the legal government policy of the Constitution stating that all men are created equal. Though Washington, D.C. was not a large slave market, it was a very important interstate in slave trade. Many local slaves purchased in Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia were marched across Washington, D.C. (Slavery in the Shadow of Liberty). Slaves served and maintained the nation through serving legislators, bureaucrats, jurists, cabinet officials, military…

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