Racism In Anne Moody's Between The World And Me

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Racism is embedded into essentially every American institution and is nurtured by people who have racist predispositions. Ta-Nehisi Coates in Between the World and Me, writes “the ground we walked was trip-wired. The air we breathed was toxic. The water stunted our growth. We could not get out” (Coates, p. 28). His book, published in 2015, implies that racism, even today, is everywhere in American society. This is true in many major institutions, from education to law enforcement and religious groups to judicial courts. Anne Moody in her book Coming of Age in Mississippi strikes right to the heart of the problem when she writes, “the federal government was directly or indirectly responsible for most of the segregation, discrimination, and poverty …show more content…
Rather, these institutions are largely propelled by the agendas and money of these racist folk - money often made by paying minimal wages reminiscent of slave times to people of color. A great counterexample of racism occurs in Coming of Age in Mississippi: throughout the book, Anne Moody works with a select number of white people who are also striving to help black people get registered to vote. One white person she particularly had respect for was Reverend King. If this idea that white people are inherently evil was true, then the exceedingly racist atmosphere of the Deep South is not a place in which people would revert their ways. Coates describes the life of black people as living 23 hour days. The hour missing accounts for all the time they spend readying and bracing themselves for whatever may come. However, when his family moved to France he saw that he was surrounded by white people but did not feel the fear that usually surrounded him in the States. This supports Malcolm’s idea that “the white man is not inherently evil, but America’s racist society influences him to act evilly.” When in the absence of American society, the white man does not display nearly the level of racist tendencies as one who has been born and raised in these United States

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