Dress Codes In Schools Research Paper

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In recent years, dress code policies in public schools have been labeled as sexist and disrespectful due to their unfair treatment of females. At Cleveland Heights High School, the administration claims that the dress code “strengthens the learning environment for classroom” and “prevents disruption of the educational process.” These statements contradict our school’s policy to pull students who violate the dress code out of class and to send them home. Students across the country are pushing for dress codes to be fair for all genders and body types, and we believe that it is time for the Cleveland Heights University Heights School district to update its policies as well.

Problem Analysis
The application of public school dress codes in recent years has sparked lots of controversy. From being chastised by school officials for showing a shoulder, to being barred from school events like prom, the dress code has had many negative effects on young girls. The dress code is not
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A common argument for dress codes is that all boys are distracted by the exposure of girls’ skin or curves. This view gives the wrong message to both girls and boys. As explained by Ellen Kate, it “assumes that they dress for other people. Moreover, it assumes that the sexualization is the fault of the girl, and not the person sexualizing her” (Kate 2). A girl may be simply trying to dress fashionably and express her style, but any confidence she has is taken away when adults tell her that she is dressing sexually. School administrators tell girls that “boys will be boys,” which not only normalizes sexual assault, but defends the boys and men who are sexualizing girls’ bodies (Meyer 1). Schools are enforcing slut shaming and victim blaming in their most basic forms, as they tell young girls that it is their fault that their bodies are a

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