Stress Management Weekly Log Example Essay

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Your responses must include only your thoughts and ideas, and not a recap of the material.

Response to Questions (do not include questions!) | Our past experiences influence our perceptions, which influence whether we get stressed in a particular situation. Our past experiences trigger emotions good or bad. When we go to a resturant, for example, and previously waited an hour to be seated, we have a predisposition thoughts that it is always going to take that long. As a result, we may not elect to dine at the resturant again and definitely not recommend it to others. If we did elect to dine at the resturant again, we may be more inclined to be stressed while waiting, thinking it might take longer to be seated than
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Technology has decreased stress levels in some ways, for example planning daily activities and mapping the way to our destination has never been easier. Thanks to smart phones, we can never get lost and planning activities is tangable at the click of a button. | Word Count | 400 | Response to Video | I agree with this video when it talks about Type A personality. Type A people seem to be constantly struggling against the clock. They quickly become impatient and try to do more than one thing at a time. A Type A person will try to talk on the phone while doing their homework while watching TV. Its not going to work out and their time is spent unproductively. They schedule commitments too close to each other and as a result, interpersonal relationships are jepordized. Some of these people are perfectionists and are under more risk in getting heart disease. It takes learning, training and most of all patients to reduce stress. It makes sense that yoga reduces stress because you have to clear your mind of all negative thoughts. It also makes sense when my mom use to tell me, “don’t stress, you’re going to get sick.” There are physiological factors when dealing with stress as well. I get chronic tonsillitis and when I went to the doctor I asked what triggers it. To my surprise, he said lots of college students come in with this illness around tests and that stress triggers tonsillitis. Our optomism makes a difference and social connections

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