Stress In My Life Essay

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After calculating my life change score and receiving 78 points, I realize that I have not experienced much stress in my life over the past year. A score of 78 points is extremely low and I have only a 37% chance that I will have an illness next year according to the textbook. The stressors in my life last year were beginning and ending school year, a change in my sleeping habits, vacation, Christmas, and minor violations of the law. Beginning and ending school (semester) is stressful to me because you never know the exact workload for the class at the beginning of the semester, or how much work you will have at the end of the semester for your classes. Changes in my sleeping patters also stressed me out because it seemed that the time I go to bed at night changes depending on my workload that I had for the day. Another stressor for me is the vacation that I planned last year. I planned the entire vacation that my boyfriend and I took last year to Sothern California. That was stressful because I had to figure out which hotel we would be staying at, how long we were going to stay, how much everything …show more content…
At this moment I do not have a stressful life, but life is so unexpected, so I cannot say for sure. However, I do believe that for some reason I did have a high level of stress in my life next year it could possibly alter my ability to go to graduate school looking at the worse possible scenario. Stress could alter my ability to attend graduate school since I will need plenty of time to study. If I am stressed about something else in my life, my focus could be directed toward that specific stressor, and not studying for the GRE. Plus, if I do not do well on the GRE it will decrease my chances of getting into the graduate school I would like to attend. Nonetheless, I’m pretty good at balance my stress so I don’t believe that not achieving my goal will be an

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