Stress In Everyday Life Essay

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According to the American Institute of Stress, “ Stress is a highly personalized phenomenon and can vary widely even in identical situations for different reasons”( 1). No one in this world is completely stress free. Everybody is the victim of stress once in a life. There are several different kinds of stress that distress our daily life. Some of them even cause very serious destruction to our personal well being, physical and mental health. There are many ins and outs that cause stress in our everyday life, for example, time management, job loss, domestic problems, moving from one place to another, and sometimes even financial pressure. Since more than a few reasons cause stress in our daily life and stress even causes serious damage, …show more content…
Once, I went for a bicycle ride after my final examination of eight grades. I went to Birtamod, a renowned seaside in the southeastern part of Nepal, in a low-lying region. After I reached there I felt hot, since it was summer. I swam there in the water approximately thirty minutes. Swimming such a long time in cold water made me felt hungry. On the way home, suddenly an auto hit my trail bike from behind, which made me extremely injured due to dropping on the graveled road. This coincidence became the main cause of my tension; I didn’t walk for just about three months, since my left knee was fractured and right leg was broken. Basically sitting inside the house for unevenly three months, without doing anything made me frustrated. This accident affected my mental control, because I missed my school, friends, games and sports, which created discomfort. I didn’t like to talk to people, I didn’t like to eat, and I didn’t even fall sleep sometimes. The single thought that came to my mind was, how long it would take me to cure. Thus, this one accident caused a huge strain in my …show more content…
There are few things that make me worried during the initial stage when I have been here in the United States. For example, cultural shook, language barriers, and the public policy are couple of few to mention. Cultural shook includes several things such as holidays, festivals, food, dresses, religion, and social adjustment in a new society. Being an only child in the house to speak English was quite challenging for me because I am responsible for my family’s grocery shopping, medical appointments and helping them to interpret as needed. Therefore, to manage all of them while attending high school was a huge stress that I overcome few years back.
Eventually, I followed three different steps that helped me to abolish my three months of pressure. The first and foremost step that I did was that, I faithfully followed my doctor’s instruction. He instructed me to take an adequate amount of sleep, try to walk inside the house without others’ help and to eat food on time. I tried to engage myself in dissimilar activities during my free time, such as reading books, watching television and playing indoor games like Chess, Checkers, and

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