Stress And Stress Related Stress Essay

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Throughout our daily routine or even our entire life, we all encounter some sort of stress related issues. Many of you may feel like you already know what stress is, correct? Did you know that there are Different types of stress, good and bad? One of the foundations for understanding stress is the “ Stress model “ and that includes a five-step model. I will further elaborate on that model and how it applies to stress. Then I will go into detail on how exercise can help reduce stress and be helpful. What does stress mean to you? Whenever you get the nervous feeling, or anxiety because of a situation. What are two different type’s of stress? Everyone has a different stressor and a stress response. A stressor is something or situation that can cause someone to emotionally react or even physically react. Stress response to simply the response to your stressor that triggered it. Both of the circumstances need to occur so that stress can be present. Another form of a stressor is called a “ symbolic stressor” that is when you feel something like a gut feeling or even butterflies in your stomach. Two types of stressor’s that we encounter are eustress and distress. Distress is the bad stress that can make you nervous, panicky and just make you feel overwhelmed and down. Eustress is good stress, it is that stress of happiness such as going on a crazy roller coaster, or laughing so hard that your stomach hurts. Having good stress goes a long way and is good for the body.…

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