Stress And Psychology And Physical Effects On The Human Body

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Stresses are psychology and physical effect on the human body. In physics, stress is defined as a pressure or force exerted on a body. smashing car to another is the best example of physical stress. As in psychology, stress is a reaction to a stimulus that disturbs our physical and mental equilibrium. In another word, stress is the disturbance of physical and psychological to perform the job. Psychologists define stress as the demand made on an organism to adapt, cope, or adjust. Some stress is healthful and necessary to keep us alert and occupied. Stress directly or indirectly have the major impact on physical and emotional function on the body. Stress might contribute the minor or major disorder on the human body. There are many
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There are many symptoms associate with the stress like a headache, insomnia, dry mouth, low energy, nervousness, stomach upset. There are many things we can do to reduce or omit our stress. The most common way to reduce the stress in listening to music, exercising, spending time with friends or family, reading a book, watching sports or television shows, praying, napping, meditations or yoga, and smoke or drink. There are many psychological approaches to moderate or reduce stress. Some of the psychological moderators are self-efficacy expectations, psychological hardiness, humor predictability and control, and social support. Self-efficacy expectations are the ability to make things happen. It is our belief that we can bring desire changes through our own effect and ability to withstand the stress. Individual with self- efficacy expectations are less likely to effect by any adverse pain. Psychological hardiness is one of the ways to resist stress. The researchers found that psychological hardiness characterized on three categories; commitment, challenge, and control. If an individual has a commitment that they can fight the stress, they are less likely to become a victim of stress. As well, if they approach the stress with a different way and change life toward positive life and accept the challenge. In many cases, social support helps to stop or reduce the stress. As like emotional concern, if …show more content…
Individual need to have plan and management list to overcome the stress. individual people have different techniques to reduce stress and I have a different management system to reduce the stress. I have many problems related to school, job, family and personal life and it is important to overcome it. as other, I have a different approach to reducing stress as like advance plan, time management, physical activity, watching television, and more. The advance plan will help to reduce the stressed individual experiencing. If you have planned for unexpected change come in your life how you can handle the situation, and it might be more stressful if an individual doesn 't have any plan. As stress management techniques, watching a comedy show or series on television will help me a lot on controlling my stress. I usually watch television or do physical activities like doing work on the kitchen, exercise. Along with physical activities, time management is most important in individual life. As an example, if the individual who are a student and have two exams same day, it sounds more stressful to catchup material at a time and might not do well in their exam. So, time management is helpful on stress management. I always do time management so I don’t get problem and stress might be reduced. If the individual set time for each activity, it is more helpful to stress management. If individual have

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