Essay on Strengths Based Theory Can A Person Overcome Adversity

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Strengths-based theory will be used in the case of Nancy. Strengths based theory helps a person overcome adversity. Strengths development is a brain based and a relational in nature (Jones-Smith 2014). I feel that this theory will work well with Nancy due to her past domestic violence history. I believe that strength-based theory will highlight the positive the client has going on in order to empower her to be a stronger person. It will help build clients self-esteem in order for her to believe in herself. This theory will also be beneficial with the client because she has many strengths going on in her life. For example, client has stable housing, employment, has been reunified with children, and family support. Due to the presenting issue being reunification with children, this theory will allow client to provide a safe environment for her children base on her strengths.
Relationships are crucial to our strength development of our strengths. Relationships allow for an audience for our strength development (Jones-Smith 2014. This is why I am choosing systems as the theory used with Nancy. Systems theory in social work integrates person interventions involving individual with intervention that also engage working with the individual’s families, communities and other social agencies. Systems theory is used in order to focus on how social and person factors interact with each other, this helping people adapt to their social reaction can be more congruent (Payne, 2014).…

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